Vol. 4 No. 5 (2024): May
Reimbursement Recommendations

Maralixibat (Livmarli)

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Published May 9, 2024

Key Messages

  • CADTH recommends that Livmarli should be reimbursed by public drug plans for the treatment of cholestatic pruritus in patients with Alagille syndrome (ALGS) if certain conditions are met.
  • Livmarli should only be covered to treat patients aged 12 months and older with a diagnosis of ALGS and who have impaired bile flow demonstrated by at least 1 of the following: elevated serum bile acids (sBAs), conjugated bilirubin, or gamma-glutamyl transferase; fat-soluble vitamin deficiency; and/or intractable itch. Patients must experience moderate to severe itch symptoms and must be currently or have been previously treated with systemic medication for itch.
  • Livmarli should only be reimbursed if it is prescribed under the care of a specialist with experience in managing ALGS, if patients experience an improvement in their itching after using Livmarli for 6 months, and if the cost of Livmarli is reduced. Livmarli should be stopped if the patient receives a liver transplant or biliary diversion surgery.