Vol. 1 No. 11 (2021)
Health Technology Reviews

Homelike Models of Long-Term Care: A 2021 Update

Published November 25, 2021

Key Messages

  • Among residents with dementia, positive effects of small-scale homelike models of care on social interaction were observed in 1 non-randomized study, whereas the evidence from relevant primary studies captured in 1 systematic review was mixed.
  • Residents with dementia living in small-scale homelike care facility compared with a traditional nursing home may spend more time in a positive mood or engagement, based on findings from 1 non-randomized study.
  • Evidence captured in 1 systematic review suggested lower use of restraints and psychotropic drugs in small-scale homelike settings compared with traditional nursing homes; however, a non-randomized study published in 2020 found no differences in psychotropic drug use.
  • Associations between homelike models of care and safety outcomes (e.g., COVID-19 infection, fall injuries) suggested a benefit of small-scale homelike long-term care settings over traditional large-scale settings.