Vol. 1 No. 11 (2021)
Health Technology Reviews

Lenalidomide Plus Rituximab Chemotherapy for Relapsed or Refractory Indolent B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

Published November 19, 2021

Key Messages

  • Data from 2 randomized controlled trials indicated a statistically significant benefit in progression-free survival and overall survival for patients with follicular lymphoma who received R2 as compared to patients who received rituximab plus placebo or R-CHOP.
  • The frequency of all types of adverse events in patients receiving R2 as compared to rituximab plus placebo or R-CHOP was comparable, but patients receiving R2 experienced more severe adverse events.
  • Two economic analyses concluded that R2 was cost-effective for the treatment of patients with follicular lymphoma as compared to rituximab plus placebo (UK and Dutch contexts).
  • Evidence identified in this review was mostly limited to that describing patients with follicular lymphoma.
  • Most evidence identified in this review was generated with support and/or funding from a private industry pharmaceutical manufacturer.